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Our Family

Here you can get to know a little about each member of our family (we also have two dogs named Bellatrix and Luna, and a gecko named Draco). After a drastic increase in Emily's therapy costs in February of 2012, we knew as Emily's parents we had to find a way to raise the money to keep Emily in her therapy program. The fundraising/event planning is new to both of us, but we make a pretty great team! We are high school sweethearts and have been together nearly 20 years. We live in a little house in a little town, but we are full of big dreams for our family!

Austin Rouse

a.k.a. Daddy


After a decade of repairing televisions and other small electronics for a local small business, I now work as a security system installation technician in Orlando. I grew up in Geneva and have one stepsister. My favorite bands are Metallica, Dave Matthews, and REM. When I'm not busy working or playing with my girls, I enjoy inshore saltwater fishing from my kayak.

Becca Rouse

a.k.a. Mommy

I have been a stay at home mom since Emily was born in 2004. I grew up in Oviedo and have quite the collection of siblings: one sister, one half sister, one stepsister, and one stepbrother. I graduated cum laude from UCF with a B.S. in elementary education, and I am now returning to UCF to seek a bachelor's in nursing. My favorite singers are Taylor Swift and  Justin Timberlake. I enjoy spending time with my family and close friends, anything related to Harry Potter, and listening to music.

Madilynn Rouse

a.k.a. Madi Pie


Madi is our 8 year old daughter. She loves art, roller coasters, and anything science. She's hoping to be a marine biologist, an entomologist, or a zoologist when she grows up. She's a sweet little spitfire and loves helping her Sissy. Don't let her love of rainbows, fancy dresses, and pretty long hair fool you though. She loves to go fishing, catch grasshoppers and frogs, and dig in the dirt.

Emily Rouse

a.k.a. Sissy


Emily is our 13 year old daughter. She loves balloons, swings, and vacuum cleaners. Her favorite TV show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and she can spend hours splashing in the bath. Emily's favorite singer is Michael Jackson. She is feisty, silly, and smarter than most people give her credit for. Emily spends her days working hard in behavior therapy, and her evenings working hard to destroy the entire house, earning her the affectionate nickname of "Destructo."

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